How to Effectively Manage Neck and Back Pain

Neck and back pain can have a serious impact on your life and you’re well being, in recent years spinal pain in the UK has risen, and it has been found that two in five of us are regularly suffering from either neck or back pain and the majority of those suffering, struggle to understand why they are experiencing pain and can rarely seek diagnoses from a GP. 

In this article, we will answer the common questions those who suffer from neck and back pain regularly ask:

What is causing the pain?

The rise in neck and back pain across the UK has been expected to have been caused by the ever-growing sedimentary lives that most of us are living. Our bodies are designed to move and because of the rise of technology in our lifestyles and workplaces many suffers are not moving for hours at a time.

Most of us who work in an office environment spend their days hunching or looking down at screens and smartphones, over time, this can cause repetitive strain on your spine, leading to reoccurring neck and back pain.  

Common injuries can also be a reason that you are suffering from spinal pain, sports injuries, whiplash or heavy lifting have all been known to cause problems amongst the spine. 

What is it like living with neck and back pain

Neck and back pain can develop quickly and can suddenly become onset from the moment you wake up. for many people suffering, starting the day in pain can seriously affect their wellbeing and physical health.  

Each sufferer is individual with pain experienced, those suffering from back pain can be limited in performing standard daily activities such as walking or laying down as it causes too much pain, in severe cases sufferers can experience immobility.

It’s similar for those suffering from neck pain, patients can experience immobilising headaches and migraines on a daily occurrence, dealing with this pain on a regular basis can have serious mental effects on the individual’s wellbeing.

Why can’t I get diagnosed?

If you regularly suffer from neck and back pain you may have visited your local GP, muscular-skeletal problems are notoriously hard to diagnose as the underlining cause can be difficult to identify, especially if the patient hasn’t been physically injured.  

As posture and lifestyle is the leading cause of spinal problems in the UK. Many GP’s choose not to refer patients for ongoing treatment, and in some circumstances underline the cause for the pain as stress. 

Pain relief 

Many sufferers take over the counter medicines to subside the pain experienced, while this does serve for quick relief, it doesn’t solve the problem.

If pain is present for more than three days consecutively you should seek professional help for more efficient pain relief. 

Visiting your local chiropractor or physiotherapist can be beneficial when seeking effective relief as they can understand your pain and help you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Care in the Midlands 

In a recent survey amongst the British Chiropractic Association, they found that 70% of those surveyed in the Midlands alone claim that they have suffered from neck & back pain before the time they were age 30. If you are amongst those suffering, don’t spend your days in pain, seek help today! 

At The Coventry Back Pain Clinic, we can efficiently manage and alleviate your pain, our consultations are observant in identifying any underlining problems ensuring that we treat the whole problem. Book in to visit one of our chiropractors and physiotherapists today! Together we can help you maintain a pain-free lifestyle.