Foot pain caused by spinal problems

In some cases, foot problems can be caused by spinal problems. Spinal nerves from your lower spine travel down your leg and end in your feet, and if these nerves happen to be irritated or compress you can start to experience foot pain. 

This type of foot pain can sometimes go undiagnosed and often put down to incorrect footwear, prolonged walking or standing on your feet for too long.

This is why it is important to note that there are many causes of foot pain and does not necessarily develop due to an injury or trauma to the foot area. If you are experiencing foot pain that is not relieved with over the counter medication, then it is highly recommended to consult with a specialist medical chiropractor to help diagnose the issue.

Common foot pain symptoms related to the lower back region

Some of the foot pain symptoms associated with lower back pain include: 

  • Restricted ability to bring the foot upwards. This is known as heel walk and it can occur if one of the spinal nerve roots affect the sciatic nerve.
  • Heavy or weak foot. Foot drop can often start from the spinal nerve root in the lower back area. A heavy foot can make it difficult to flex the ankle or bring the foot upwards. This type of pain is usually felt outside of the calk and over to the top of the big toe.
  • Difficulty walking on tiptoes. If the sciatica nerve is affected then you may experience pain in the bottom of the foot. Some of the typical symptoms caused by pain in the bottom of the foot can include: making it painful to walk on tiptoes, a struggle to raise the heel off the ground and even make everyday activities such as driving or walking difficult to do.

How Chiropractic care can help with foot pain

Chiropractic care is well known for providing non-invasive treatment solutions for all kinds of pain-related issues. One of the most common reasons why people visit a chiropractor is to address their back pain problems or Sciatica.

Sciatica is when the sciatic nerve in your lower back is irritated. This can cause pain in the lower back, buttock, back of legs and sometimes into the foot. Chiropractic care has proven to be very effective in treating pains related to sciatica and helping the body to heal. It’s become an optimal choice for many patients as it doesn’t require any invasive treatment methods. 

If you are suffering from foot pain then we highly recommend you consult with a professional medical chiropractor. At the Coventry Back Pain Clinic, we have a team of specialists that will work closely with you and help to establish a treatment plan that is perfect for you and your lifestyle.